Entry #1

The Lucky Stars

2007-12-22 20:22:11 by Konata-Izumi

We are a new flash group =w=

The Lucky Stars


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2007-12-22 20:38:03

Huh. if there was some way to mark posts we like, i'd be a lot easier to follow your group without getting out the spy satellite.


2007-12-31 17:18:32

Youre cool! Plz pm me sometime!


2007-12-31 23:01:23

Well, if you're a new group, I wish you all luck in becoming skilled, respected flash artists.


2008-01-01 20:49:43

Well ill say what I said to LuckyStar: Good luck and I hope you girls do good :)


2008-01-02 07:53:59

Can I join?


2008-01-08 20:37:18

y are all the other admins so mean?


2008-01-08 21:02:10

Either you're all mega weeaboos, or what every weeaboo worships. I suspect the former.


2008-01-12 03:42:27

Well hopefully your not like the opening of Lucky Star, great and full of energy that makes people want to watch what could happen, only to let them down.

Anyway, good luck to you and your group and welcome to NG. I'm going to assume your new to NG due to the fairly recent sign-up date, if I'm mistaken please forgive me.


2008-01-12 14:43:57



2008-01-13 17:17:24

Lucky Star, hell yeah!

Do the Hare Hare Yukai!


2008-01-14 21:31:38

just like i said on sheezy art



2008-03-15 15:54:53

Nice concept, but you might want to practice doing digital drawings and practice some more proper animation too. If creating backgrounds is too much, then you can always rip a background or try to find pixel stuff. You may also want to look for toutorials and practice a bit more so your new flashes will not look like your immitating those bastard kitty krew fadruccers. If you get better in flash and animation, you may be able to get more attention and get more respect.

I think Lucky Star is really cute. I may be new in this but I am learning more about it. And perhaps some good hentai? I also enjoy Lucky Star lolis too. If you got some cool pics for me, you can always contact me. Thanks.


2009-12-18 11:10:05

yay! ^w^


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