I'm back!!!!

2009-08-10 19:35:17 by Konata-Izumi

Finally I return with new flashes in hand >w<d!!!

No ideas!!

2008-08-02 19:43:11 by Konata-Izumi

I need idea for new flash movie do you people of newgrounds have any idea??

[L*]The Wall

2008-03-08 11:03:46 by Konata-Izumi

Coming soon!

I got msn!!

2008-03-06 22:41:55 by Konata-Izumi

hello everyone
konakonaii@yahoo.co.jp my friend told me how to make a MSN account to work it >w<d

The new North American dub for Lucky Star is going to be horrible do not watch it.
The voices sound very bad ;w;q
Sorry America you ruined our great show


2008-01-27 12:43:35 by Konata-Izumi

Everyone how are you ^w^d

The Lucky Stars

2007-12-22 20:22:11 by Konata-Izumi

We are a new flash group =w=

The Lucky Stars